Apart from his musical pursuits, Tom Smith is also a well-known writer of non-musical genres.


……….Among his best-known works is “The Tahchee Chronicles: An Epic Journey into Spirituality”. You can buy this book at amazon.com.

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Shedding new light on spirituality, August 17, 2002
Reviewer: Pete Wehner from Denton, TX
The Tahchee chronicles is a book that appeals to readers on many levels and contains important historical information as well as spiritual insight. It is fascinating to read about a man’s spiritual quest and the reader is drawn into that story as well as the story of the earliest of civilizations on this planet. Anyone wishing to understand the connections between modern humanity and ancient civilizations can gain valuable insight, not only in the realm of historical narrative, but into the deeper aspects of the interconnectedness of the universe.

The Tahchee Chronicles, December 22, 2001
This book is for those readers who love to explore and learn about our very ancient history and the wonderful influence of our Native people upon the culture of the human race. It follows the fine tradition set by other great and similar books such as the one written by Ken Carey called, THE RETURN OF THE BIRD TRIBES and the book by Frank Waters called THE BOOK OF THE HOPI. There are actually two stories intertwined in this book. One is the epic journey of the Cherokee Nation going back some 40,000 years as seen through the eyes and recollections of its great spiritual Guardian called Tahchee. The other story and yet equally fascinating is the personal spiritual journey of discovery for the narrator. The book is the kind that you cannot put down until you have read every chapter and gleaned every bit of wisdom and experience from such a profound experience and journey. You cannot be but moved, by the story of a group of awe-inspiring souls who came from the stars to this world long ago on a journey of service on behalf of the Great Spirit that we are all part of. The book is easy to read and to understand, unlike some other similar books which tend to talk down to the reader.The book will alter our past beliefs about of how and when some of the Native people came to North and South America . A wonderful and absolutely fascinating book of ancient history, spiritual discovery and a magnificient journey of a great Nation and a very humble author.

An Enlightening Spiritual Journey, October 20, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from NC, USA
This book is a wonderful and insightful read. An incredible example of what can happen when cosmic forces intervene in ones life.

An Unbelivable Epic, September 15, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Seattle, WA, United States
This book is a masterpiece. I read it last week and could not put it down. New information about inconcievable prehistoric concepts. Keep your eye on this book. It is destined to be a classic.

The Tahchee Chronicles, written by Kathryn Lanier
T. H. Smith is an author after my own heart! His book’s character personally experienced the loss of all external power symbols only to rise from the ashes to chronicle his own spiritual evolution, entwined with his amazing fourth dimensional relationship with an ancient Cherokee warrior honorably named Tahchee Wah. Tahchee Wah leads the reader through ancient Cherokee pre-history with action, passion, and miraculous relationships with many multi-dimensional beings. Tahchee Wah insists that everyone face his own true nature and relationship to the grand epic of the Cherokee from Atlantis to the Mid-Atlantic United States. Often Smith felt he could not go on with the story, but he returned again and again to his commitment to tell this story. And through his commitment, he comes to realize that “the possibilities for hope and change are always present,” that our future depends solely on our choices.